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Picture a stone wall, built brick by brick by the Founding Fathers.  Since the 1940’s, many Christians have withdrawn from public involvement.  Cracks can now be seen in this wall.  They were inconspicuous as first.  Now the wall is crumbling because of neglect.  So is the foundation of America and more so our lives.   Surveys show that the average church goer divorces their spouse, has an abortion, pirates music just the same as the non-church goer.   God calls Christians to be “salt” and “light.”

  • Salt:  to prevent decay.  Church and the Holy Spirit restraining forces to prevent evil from taking over.  Creates thirst for the Living Water.  As salt brings taste to food, likewise it can make righteousness “appetizing.”
  • Lightexposes that which is not of God and directs the path of society into God’s ways

What has caused us from being that “salt” and “light” in the world?  What is causing the cracks in the Foundation and what exactly is our Foundation?  If the Foundation for our lives is the inspired Word of God, as it was for the Founding Fathers, then our Nation’s Foundation will be strong.  There is absolutely a direct correlation!

Please connect with us at Foundation Rebuilders and Fear Not.


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